A great Kendo master with Bushido Spirit (part 2)


This is the story how Mr. Jirokichi Yamada became the 15th successor of Jikishinkage-Ryu. Mr. Yamada was taught Kendo by Mr. Sakakibara between ages of 22 - 32. It was quite difficult to live only by Kendo. Even Mr. Sakakibara who was very famous as a master swordsman (剣聖) couldn't live easily. Mr. Yamada did many jobs to continue Kendo. When he was 24 years old, he worked as a policeman. By hard training, his chest became big, so he could not wear his uniform. He cut both sides of uniform to use. He studied pharmacy and osteopathy during that period. When he was 25 years old, he studied surgery and dissection.


A great Kendo master with Bushido Spirit (part 1)


Story of Jirokichi Yamada (山田次朗吉)、the 15th successor of Jikishinkage-Ryu(直心影流 ). When I (Katsuoki Numata) and Mr. Yorihiko Maeno (Kendo 7. dan) were eating with Mr. Vladimir Kindzulis ( leader of Kendo in Latvia, 4. dan) in a restaurant in Riga, Latvia on September 2011, Mr. Kindzulis asked me to translate the biography of Mr. Jirokichi Yamada. I presented short story of Mr. Yamada to him before on that day. He had an interest in certain things explained by Mr. Yamada about Kendo. I picked up the most crucial points of what Mr. Yamada did and thought. He explained spirit is most important repeatedly. Though my English explanation is poor, so I hope some expert in English will brush up this composition.


Yagyu-Shingan-ryu Heihou


This style was founded by Hayato Takenaga about four hundreds years ago (at the beginning of the Edo era). He mastered Shinto style, Shinkage style, Shuso style, Toda style and taught martial arts in a hometown. He called his style "Shingan", which means own mind's eye. One day he fought with a person of other country and tasted defeat. He realized his immaturity. Then, he went to Edo to train himself and became a disciple of Munenori Yagyu, a fencing teacher of a shogun. He trained in Yagyu Shinkage school of kendo for three years, and was initiated into the profundus teaching and skill. Munenori Yagyu commanded him to name his style "Yagyu-Singan".


Awareness of power conduction


"Power is generated from left leg and passes through left hip, left shoulder, left arm. image that is transmitted to (剣生"kensei"). The important point is left arm- In order to conduct power till the end. Unless, when striking, the left arm is not extended securely, the power is not transmitted to (剣生"kensei"). Teachings received from Hashimoto Akio during school days.


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